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 W.I.P.E. was founded in 2006 by Electa Ricketts.  Within her own community Electa saw her ability to affect change with the women experiencing adversity.


In turn Ms. Ricketts began stocking her own vehicle with supplies for the homeless and downtrodden she would encounter on a daily basis.  For years, she has helped others to overcome personal challenges that has hindered them from thriving in life. 


Beginning in 2014, WIPE Ministry begin developing programs for teen girls call Teen G.I.R.L.S. R.O.C.K. that is implemented in several schools in Kansas City, Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. 

 This nonprofit agency is named W.I.P.E. (Women In Position Everywhere) because it was other women, who had strong shoulders that Ms. Ricketts leaned on when going through many personal challenges that started at the age of 10 years old through an adult. 

She was sexually abused, encountered years of domestic violence during marriage and was homeless for a few months after her divorce. 

Over a period of time as a result of other women, who counseled and supported Ms. Ricketts to overcome her past, hurt, pain, insecurities, low self-esteem and self-worth, were issues of her past. Moving forward and not looking back has allowed her to be VICTORIOUS.    


W.I.P.E. desires to help women, teen girls and young adults who are struggling with drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, domestic violence and homelessness, who are at a crucial crossroads in life.

It take other agencies in the communities that consists of women and men, who are professions in their field of study that W.I.P.E. Ministry collaborates with in order to be ensured that our women and teen girls receive the help they need in order to walk in VICTORY.  


Overall, our mission is to empower, equip, inspire and motivate women, teen girls and young adults with skills, who will be the "Women In Position Everywhere" pursuing their PURPOSE, while simultaneously paying it FORWARD to help other women and teen girls.   

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