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R.A.P.P. to Change


Resolving Adolescent Peer Pressures 

Teen BOYS R.A.P.P. 

Teens  Boys R.A.P.P.  (Resolving Adolescent Peer Pressures) To Change.


This program is designed to inspire teenage males, ages 11 to 19, to find and release their potential.  We then encourage them  to maximize their potential and ultimately discover their life's purpose.  


Teens are more likely to accomplish their goals when they have been provided a positive structured education.  That education includes teaching young men assertiveness skills and how to effectively resist peer pressures.  


Over a period of time our youth will be better equipped to abstain from all risk behaviors (i.e., alcohol, bullying, drugs, pre-mature sexual activity, gang involvement and violence).

Teen G.I.R.L.S. R.O.C.K.





Striving to be


Respectful to

Others through

Communication and


Teen Girls R.O.C.K. program is designed to take an intimate approach of the realities of teen girls today who reside specifically in the urban communities. Our program's site partner provides a trans-formative space for the teens to create frameworks in which they can take the learning back to their everyday life.

We meet the teens where they are and help them discover who they are.  All support group sessions are designed to elevate, inspire and cultivate the teens self esteem, and heighten their self-awareness and build better communication and social interaction skills and skills to develop leadership qualities.

Parent Empowerment Education Workshop (PEEW) Program


The purpose of the PEEW Program is to educate and empower parents by providing support services and resources.


Our goal is teach parents, caretaker, relatives, educators, youth leaders, etc. with skills that increase their knowledge and enhance the adult’s capacity to lead youth to transition effectively to adulthood.  Parents and other associative relationships will be armed with pertinent information.  This information will encourage them to talk to their teens effectively and early enough to influence them to abstain from all sexual activity until adulthood.

WoMen In Position Everywhere

"Sustainable Solutions


Attainable Resolutions"

Community Service

Community service is what we are all about.  


We strive to develop unique ways to empower wounded women and children implementing Positive Youth Development and Adult Education evidence based curriculum's and or effective strategies. 

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